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Teachers of three Japanese were selected for the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014!

Three researchers Isamu Akasaki teacher, Hiroshi Amano teacher, teacher of Shuji Nakamura.

Speaking of “blue LED”, and it is to those must-have in our lives completely already.

Creator of the “blue light-emitting diode” that is the Isamu Akasaki teacher.

Is it any such person, I tried to examine and universities from high school, the episode or profile!


Isamu Akasaki (Isamu Akasaki)


· January 30, 1929 Date of birth (85 years)

· Hometown Kagoshima Prefecture

· ⇒ Kyoto University Faculty of Science (Kagoshima University of later) Education old system seventh High School

· Served after career Nagoya University assistant, lecturer, assistant professor, to Matsushita Electric Industrial.

It arrived in Nagoya University Professor in 1981. Retirement age retirement after you have been appointed university professor emeritus, to Meijo professor.

Nagoya University professor era, and it was created has been said that it is impossible to “blue light-emitting diode.”

It is the world’s first success.

Mind you did not give it all that unreasonable, continue to challenge looks great.

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Allows! Impossible


Unlike the light-emitting diode of red or green, blue dream of researchers.

Leading manufacturer and researcher in the world to challenge, but likely began to withdraw and not leave the results. . .

Period Akasaki teacher spent development over into ’30.

It is said there to come, and began to gradually isolated from the surroundings.

There is also a time when it has been ignored even if it is present the results at conferences, and was a member at that time

Institute of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. also I would pull the hand.

It probably did not afford to not keep the research prospect of practical use not stand.

After that, he moved to Nagoya University, is implanted to study earnestly,

It will be able to see the light of day at last in 1989.

“Unshaken believe my way”

Its single-minded spirit, it’s culminated into success.

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In fact, father-in-law I was also a researcher. … While cradling a grandson

“Child, when I became addicted to something, do not stop in the middle.

As long as it is not that dangerous, Keep is only like whatever you want. ”

^ ^ That I remembered that it was said that this

That accomplish something, it is not a half-baked.

I believe my way even in isolation from fellow, Tsukisusumi, a great teacher who left the result.

The most winning of Nobel Prize prestigious! Congratulations!

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